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High specification solutions designed for curing body aches, muscle, joint & nerve pains

About Us

We, Cerajade Kyosungmed are a healthcare/medical products Importer, Distributor and Consultant who are operating from New Delhi, India. It is noticed that over the years, therapeutic applications are evolved and innovative therapy or treatment devices are introduced globally in order to address different protocols. These modern and new generation therapy products such as Thermal Massage Beds, Automatic Massage Beds, Spine Therapy Beds, have proven their effectiveness worldwide in various treatment procedures.

We are in the continuous pursuit to explore such kind of medical devices that improves the quality of life of the patients, prevent them for degeneration and make them independent from taking help from family members & attendants.

Over the years, we are successful in introducing various alternatives that enables us to achieve our objectives of bringing forth non medicinal, non surgical and zero side effect products thus, improving the life of the patients. These medical devices also prevents from toxicity which is caused by excessive medicinal treatments. Through these products, we are trying to provide:

  • Instant relief to the patients.
  • Ensure prevention from degeneration/ progression of diseases.
  • Improving the quality of life.

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